Travel command improved

The travel command ‘_’ is a rather handy feature of NetHack that lets one navigate quickly through the current level. It’s almost impossible to think that this feature got added not until 3.4.0.

In vanilla NetHack you can let the cursor directly jump to stairs by pressing ‘>’ or ‘<‘, to fountains by ‘{‘, to altars by ‘_’, etc. But only if the location isn’t covered by objects. This feature also doesn’t really work for sinks and graves as ‘|’ and ‘#’ also matches walls and corridors.

This feature is implemented in the method getpos that is much older than the travel command and also gets used when selecting a location for teleporting, jumping or the description command.

I already had coded a small change that made walls and corridors not selectable when pressing ‘|’ and ‘#’ a while ago, but this discussion on RGRN made me rework that part of the code again.

Now dungeon features hidden by objects but known to the player are selected when pressing the corresponding key and corridors and walls are never selected as target locations.

For vanilla NetHack 3.4.3 this improvement is available as patch at bilious.

Of course, there are still ways to improve the usability of the getpos command. Why can’t one press the letter of a monster or an item to put the cursor onto it? This would be most useful with the description command or spells like stinking cloud. As the saying goes: Patches welcome!

~ by bhaak on 8. February 2010.

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