Have you ever searched for a fountain you knew you encountered some levels ago?

Have you ever forgotten the location of your stashes?

Have you ever taken notes because you feared to not remember how the dungeon looked like if you take a break from playing?

In short, have you ever been lost in the Dungeons of Doom?

As often is the case with NetHack, there’s a patch for that!

Hojita Discordia made the Dungeon Map Overview patch. There’s also a Slash’Em version of this patch, but only against 0.0.7E7F2.

The original discussion of this patch can be found in this thread on RGRN.

There are two new commands:

  • #overview (ctrl-o) – displays dungeon map overview
  • #annotate (ctrl-n, if using numpad) – names current level

While playing and descending deeper into the dungeon, the dungeon map overview fills up with a description of fountains, altars, stores, temples, sinks, thrones, trees and dungeon branches that are encountered.

This patch is already installed in the current version of UnNetHack on the public server.

~ by bhaak on 3. March 2010.

3 Responses to “Lost?”

  1. image is broken in main post (but works in popup and in link)

  2. […] Dungeon Map Overview 3 (by Hojita Discordia) […]

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