UI improvements

The version of UnNetHack running on the public server telnet://un.nethack.nu has been updated to the latest development code which includes some new UI improvements.

This is a good opportunity to summarize UnNetHack’s currently existing UI improvements over Vanilla NetHack.

The dungeon map overview and the travel improvement already got their own posts.

The extended commands #chat and #loot no longer ask for the direction if there is only one valid target available.

Option “autoopen”: doors are automatically opened if you walk into it unless you’re confused, stunned, or fumbling.

Option “pickup_thrown”: anything thrown by the player will be automatically picked up when you step on it if autopickup is on.

Option “pickup_dropped”: explicitly dropped items will not be picked up anymore by autopickup.

Option “pilesize” (patch by Glyn Kennington): lets you customize the number of items that triggers the “Things that are here” prompt (in vanilla NetHack, the number is hard coded to 5). This is for example especially noticeable in Sokoban where you have to walk repeatably over useless junk.

Multi turns actions like running or searching are interrupted when your hit or magic points reach their maximum.

The price of a shop item is already shown when stepping on it and not only when #chatting with the shopkeeper. This patch has been added to the current development version of SporkHack.

Option “dark_room”: This is basically the darkroom patch by Clive Crous which shows explored unlit areas in dark grey, but in UnNetHack also lit squares outside of your line-of-sight are shown in dark grey. This patch has also been added to SporkHack.

Option “use_inverse”: multiple items on the same square show the item on top in inverse video.

~ by bhaak on 11. April 2010.

4 Responses to “UI improvements”

  1. two comments after playing a knight:
    For changes on extended command: #ride would be also helpful (e.g. mount the only one saddled beast nearby if any).
    And walking into a door does not autoopen while mounting

    • You are right, #ride should act like the other changed commands. I have overlooked that #ride would be another candidate for improvement.

      I think the autoopening is another bug. If you walk into a door from an angle then it doesn’t autoopen. Regardless if you’re riding or walking.

  2. Why scroll of amnesia is removed?

    • It was a big nuisance for the player. Just punishing the player by having to re-learn things isn’t very interesting.

      It also was at least partially responsible for people not identifying scrolls by use.

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