NetHack Git Repository

What does a NetHack variant developer do for fun when he’s not developing his variant, has a free week-end and no dog that needs go walking?

He takes old, unsupported code and throws it into one of those new-fangled version control systems.

Now everybody is able to find out new, thrilling facts about this old and weathered piece of code. Like for example that the notorious function rnz() has been introduced in NetHack 1.4f in 1987 and hasn’t been changed ever since.

All released versions of NetHack – from Hack 1.0 from 1984 until the last released NetHack 3.4.3 from 2003 – have been added with their correct release dates to a git repository on github.

Although it is not ideal that we mostly have only the released versions with large periods of time in between (but there’s also the portion of the 3.3.x CVS development tree and the frequent releases of 3.0.x), it is better than nothing.

~ by bhaak on 21. July 2010.

3 Responses to “NetHack Git Repository”

  1. Sounds like a waste of time, Why not just play nethack 😉

  2. Duh, it’s a different thing – plus, NetHack is somewhat boring after a while (that’s the reason for the existance of forks, of course).

    BTW, good job on TileHack!

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