UnNetHack 3.5.3 released – “It’s about time!”

Announcing the 3.5.3 release of UnNetHack.

Source code and a Win32 tty binary can be downloaded here:

This release has fewer game play changes than the previous ones. The focus has been more on patches and user interface improvements.

Giant turtles have been transferred over from SporkHack. They are monsters that are able to block the line-of-sight of the player in the same way a boulder does.

The scroll of amnesia has been replaced with the scroll of flood.

The darkroom patch by Clive Crous has been added in an extended form to UnNethack. Unlit explored areas are shown in dark grey, but also lit squares outside of your line-of-sight are shown in dark grey.

All these features come with a cost so save and bones files from 3.5.2 and earlier aren’t compatible with 3.5.3.

The rest of the noteworthy changes are listed here:


  • Conduct: Elbereth tracking (by Ray Kulhanek)
  • Dungeon Map Overview 3 (by Hojita Discordia)
  • Extended Conducts v2.3 (by Andreas Dorn)
  • Paranoid Patch (by various)
  • Splittable #adjust Patch (by Sam Dennis and Jukka Lahtinen)
  • Tutorial (by Alex Smith)

User interface improvements

  • auto-ID of rings of regeneration when hurt
  • automatically talk to monsters if only one is next to the player
  • Ctrl-e automatically writes resp. engraves “Elbereth”
  • multiple items on floor shown in reverse video
  • show price of items in shops without #chatting
  • Curses GUI (available on the public server)
  • visualized HP bar
  • new Paranoid option: paranoid_trap, asks for confirmation before walking into known traps

New rooms

  • instrument shop (adapted from NetHack Brass RS)
  • pet stores (from Slash’Em)
  • tin shops (from Slash’Em)

Misc changes

  • Conflict makes blackmarket shopkeeper angry
  • Fully eroded armor gets destroyed
  • Lowered the needed experience level for the quest
  • HTML dump (here an example of an unfortunate death)
  • Pi day support
  • Reduced Sokoban branch by one level
  • Vampires as player selectable starting race (from Slash’Em)
  • Magic lamps may be polymorphed or wished for
  • Remove instadeath poison, reduce hp and maxhp instead (from SporkHack)
  • Some vanilla bug fixes (C343-12, C343-94, C343-189, C343-235, SC343-8, SC343-20)

~ by bhaak on 5. September 2010.

2 Responses to “UnNetHack 3.5.3 released – “It’s about time!””

  1. I assume this breaks save games?

    • Yes, you are right. UnNetHack 3.5.3 breaks save and bone files from the previous versions. I added that info to the blog post.

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