UnNetHack enters the Age of Unicode – Part One

The HTML dump code of UnNetHack has been extended to map the IBMgraphics resp. DECgraphics characters to Unicode codepoints and dump those as HTML entities.

That means that (as Unicode contains all the characters from the IBM- and DECgraphics’ character sets) the dumps now look much more like the terminal output at the moment of your character’s death.

If the font of your terminal is the same as the monospace font of your browser you shouldn’t even really note a difference between game screen and the HTML dump.

Here are three example dumps of the same situation to compare the HTML output side-by-side:
A dump using plain ASCII (that’s how all dumps looked up until now), a dump using IBMgraphics and one using DECgraphics.

The plain text dumps are still ASCII-only.

~ by bhaak on 24. January 2011.

2 Responses to “UnNetHack enters the Age of Unicode – Part One”

  1. Nice – I may have to play with this code myself as an alternate way of showing “screenshots” of the curses GUI. 🙂

  2. […] HTML dump: output UTF8graphics, IBMgraphics and DECgraphics characters […]

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