New US Public Server (

Quoting Eric Harrison from his RGRN posting:

This is an official announcement of the launch of a new US Public server for UnNetHack. The current official public server is great and runs wonderfully thanks to the hard work and support of octe and bhaak, but trans-Atlantic latency to the Amazon datacenter has been spotty lately.

I offered my server for use and octe was able to hop in and get everything set up with a quickness. Currently, all stats, ttyrecs, and gamedumps are shared between the two servers. All of your games on the US server will be stored and accessed from the primary server website ( and your games will be announced in the #unnethack channel on

The only catch is that none of the accounts from the current server were imported to the US server, so if you want to play on this server, you’ll need to register.

The address for the server is: and the old server is Please be aware that the EU server will still continue to resolve for, so if you want to play on the US server you’ll need to specify the correct address.

Thanks again to octe for the awesome work. Hope to see you guys playing unnethack soon!


~ by bhaak on 18. March 2011.

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  1. Frist Psot!

    On a related note, since my server does a lot of things, all the cool kids will be playing UnNetHack with the server address of telnet:// 😉

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