Vulture 2.3.67 released

Vulture 2.3.67 has been released and is available for download for NetHack, Slash’EM and for the first time also for UnNetHack.

On Vulture’s download page you can download the source code, Windows installers and Debian/Ubuntu packages.

Here is a link to somebody doing a “Let’s Play: Vulture’s Eye” with an older version of Vulture.

~ by bhaak on 26. April 2011.

5 Responses to “Vulture 2.3.67 released”

  1. the download page doesnt work. From where can i download vulture ?

  2. I am new to Nethack. I wish to use your variant, and this UI. This UI uses a 2011 version of UnNetHack. Is there a relatively simple way to use it for the current version, or is it simply a dead/useless UI now?

    • You should ask that question Clive Crous, the developer of Vulture. From what I know, Vulture is not dead (there has been activity in its source code repository not too long ago). It is just on a low release cycle as NetHack and Slash’Em don’t change anymore.

      The only way to do it yourself would be to compile Vulture with the updated UnNetHack source code yourself. But that is not a trivial task.

  3. Understood. And definately not trivial, even trying to resize a tileset so that everything is recognised properly has proven more complicated than it looks. In the meanwhile both ASCII and Chozo have grown on me far more than I imagined they would 🙂

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