Junethack 2011 – Post Mortem

Junethack – The NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament 2011 has ended on midnight today.

The last day saw frantic action to finish all the games that were interrupted the day before when NAO was upgraded (hopefully fixing the hangs that has been haunting NAO the last few weeks) and a left-over admin message made many weary to play on the server.

Overall, IMO it was a successful tournament, despite the name (hey, this community can wait 8 years for a release, it can take a one and half month late tournament) and despite the fact that the code for the tournament website was finished only one day before the tournament ended.

I think Junethack succeeded in providing a different experience than devnull, not only because of the cross-variant trophies but they certainly contributed their share. I for one would like to see even more cross-variant trophies next year.

Some boring statistics links:

Some boring statistics:

337 people registered on the server, 197 linked their account with the public servers, and 161 actually played at least one game.

7445 games were played on all 9 public servers during the tournament by registered users, 18079 were played by all players including those not taking part in the tournament.

49 different people ascended 172 games.

Tournament games by variant:
NetHack:     5672
SporkHack:    358
UnNetHack:    419
AceHack:      727
NetHack 1.3d: 269

The detailed trophy summary is on http://junethack.rawrnix.com/scoreboard

Because of excessive start scumming, which affected the performance of parsing new games on the server and displaying the website, we had to add some start scum protection. A start scummed game was defined as a game where the player escaped or quit within the first 10 turns.

At the end of the tournament, we counted 125252 start scummed games.

About a week into the tournament, we got slashdotted which resulted in 117 new registered users on a single day:

See you all next year again!

~ by bhaak on 15. August 2011.

2 Responses to “Junethack 2011 – Post Mortem”

  1. I sadly wasn’t around to witness the last minutes of panic! I trust it was enjoyable 🙂 I thought it was neat that it was a proper opensource project, that way it could be better debugged by whoever was able to (rather than just the owner). We also had a system of feedback from the community which I thought was a great thing – at least we had more of an idea of what people wanted/didn’t want, even if we couldn’t implement all of it. All this also gives us a great structure to build on for next year. Good show!

  2. Next year I think I’ll definitely take part in this. Been playing NetHack for sufficiently long, yet never on a public server…

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