UnNetHack 3.6.0 released – “Real Artists Ship!”

Announcing the 3.6.0 release of UnNetHack.

Source code, Debian package and Win32 TTY executable can be downloaded here:

The most prominent new features are probably UTF8graphics on the map and in the HTML dumps (text dumps are ASCII-only) and the autoexploring feature that lets you automatically explore a level by pressing ‘v’.

This being a major release, save and bones files from 3.5.3 aren’t compatible with 3.6.0.


  • DYWYPISI? (adds identification details to dump) (by Jafet)
  • Grudge (some NPC monsters attacking each other) (by Nephi)
  • MSGTYPE option (by Pasi Kallinen)
  • Sortloot (by Jukka Lahtinen)
    * changed to sort by description, BUC and more
  • Quiver Fired Ammunition (by Jukka Lahtinen)

User Interface Improvements

  • Autoexplore (from AceHack)
  • UTF8graphics on map and in HTML dumps
  • New category menu option: “Unidentified items”
  • ‘X’ toggles twoweaponing, explore mode is on alt-x resp. #xplore
  • BUC items inside containers dropped on altars (from AceHack)
  • stairs leading to branches are colored yellow
  • inventory improvement: generic item usage menu (from AceHack)
  • visualized HP bar(hitpointbar) activated by default
  • visual indicator showing which spells can be refreshed (from K-Mod)
  • show level annotation when entering level (idea by Chris Smith)
  • refreshing spells is allowed at all time (with prompt) (from AceHack)
  • Automatically apply unlocking tool when trying to open a locked door
  • Options paranoid_hit and paranoid_quit on by default
  • Don’t autopickup sokoban prizes
  • Auto-opening doors when using autotravel

New Dungeon features

  • dead trees (from NetHack Brass)

Misc Changes

  • changing color of monster with config line:
    MONSTERCOLOR=acid blob:lightcyan
  • HTML dump: output UTF8graphics, IBMgraphics and DECgraphics characters
  • Multiple bones files per level (not on Win32)
  • Autoconf compliant installation directory variables
  • added new tiles and fixed building of 16×16 tiles (by Stephan T. Lavavej)
  • Curses GUI updated to last version
  • Giantslayer grants STR 18/** when wielded
  • Simple hint mode
  • New config option for changing order of spells in spell menu:
  • Hallucination: fictional currencies

More Candles

  • lighting shop in orcus town
  • Gnomes get candles (more likely in dark mines) (from AceHack)

Vanilla Bug Fixes

  • C343-74: Entering a long running, uninterruptible command after
    stoning starts will kill you.
  • C343-198: Playing in a 20 or 21 line window can cause the game to
  • C343-171: Silver weapon damage message is sometimes missing when hero is polymorphed

Bug Fixes

  • HTML dump: fix crash if monster name is too long
  • Fixed crashes when attacking long worms on flipped levels
  • Fixed ctrl-e overwriting engraved engravings with dust messages
  • Workaround for preventing the stairs to Vlad’s tower appearing
    in the wizard’s tower
  • Fixed breaking of pacifist conduct when killing a monster with
    an unknown rolling boulder trap
  • Fixed crash in wizard mode when using extmenu set to true
  • Cheapskate shopkeepers calculated unknown gem prices as if they were known.
  • Enable entering pits with > on undiggable levels
  • Blackmarket shopkeeper not blocking player carrying a digging tool
  • Draining corpses shouldn’t make your fingers slippery
  • Prevent player vampire from rising as other monster

~ by bhaak on 8. October 2011.

9 Responses to “UnNetHack 3.6.0 released – “Real Artists Ship!””

  1. Hello,

    I’m not a hardcore player on *Hack games, but I find the “auto-explore” feature very useful for me, and help getting fun in such games when you’re a beginner,so

    Thank you !

  2. – added new tiles and fixed building of 16×16 tiles (by Stephan T. Lavavej)

    Does this mean that we can play unnethack with tiles now one way or the other?



    • There is no official tiles build yet (blame me) so currently the only way of playing with tiles is if you’re compiling UnNetHack by yourself.

      The Windows GUI should work fine, at least that’s why I added the tilesets to the repository in the first place. But I didn’t had time to include a Win32 GUI in the last release.

  3. Hello!

    I tried Unicode, but doesn’t work.
    It distorts screen with something like: Ӓ

    Alghough I like console text mode I’l like to ask
    if there are any plan on moving onto tileset?

    Thanks, Alex.

    • Your terminal is probably not in UTF-8 mode or might not be capable of displaying UTF-8.

      Currently, the only bundled graphical UnNetHack client is

      I don’t know if the next release will already feature a graphical client, but there will probably be one using the official Windows GUI. The official Linux ones have the problem of being either ugly (X11) or outdated (Gnome/Qt),

  4. actually unicode mode distortion occurs because
    special symbols are replaced with strings &-#-1-2-3-4-;

  5. Hello!
    I’d really like to try out utf8 graphics, can’t get it working correctly though.
    I’ve tried changing codepage to 65001, still not working.
    Any suggestion?

    • I tried it now on Windows with the standard Windows Command Prompt, Mintty and Console2 with and without codepage set to 65001, but none worked.

      It seems the only possibility to use UTF8graphics under Windows is currently to use putty for connection to the public server at un.nethack.nu.

      You have to set Windows->Translation to UTF-8 and use a font under Window->Appearance that has the needed characters.

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