UnNetHack 3.6.1 released – “No More Destruction”

Announcing the 3.6.1 release of UnNetHack.

Source code, Debian package and Windows TTY and GUI executables can be downloaded here:

The Windows version has now a Console and GUI executable included and HTML dumps enabled.

The most prominent gameplay improvement is probably the removal of utter destruction effect of a bag of holding explosion (originally from SporkHack). Instead of destroying the complete content of the bag of holding its content gets scattered around. Of course there’s still the possibility that something breaks when it hits the floor. 🙂

This release is save and bones compatible with 3.6.0.

Windows version

  • Standard Windows GUI bundled
  • HTML dumps enabled

Misc Changes

  • Scatter contents of bag of holding explosion instead of
    destroying it (from SporkHack)
  • Quest leaders can smash rocks when angry (from SporkHack)
  • Blackmarket shopkeeper can smash rocks when angry
  • Strength bonus for two-handed weaponry is doubled. (from SporkHack)
  • Tins made from giant turtles are delicious and nutritious (by Bernard Helyer)
  • Gauntlets of power give +7 damage bonus to differentiate
    from 18/** (from SporkHack)

New options

  • bones: allow player control of loading bones (partly
    from NAO)

User Interface Improvements

  • Monster Targeting v1.2 (by Pasi Kallinen)
  • Changed ‘C’ to present a menu (from NAO)
  • Hiding useless options in TTY mode
  • Display items in inventory list

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when player polyed into gold dragon because of wearing
    a gold dragon armor and a bones file getting written and the gold
    armor getting removed during bones inventory trimming
  • replace “dungeon” when applying drum of earthquake with
    appropriate description depening on branch or level

Vanilla Bug Fixes

  • C343-72: You get confusing messages when you stop levitating
    while on a flying steed. (by Edoardo Spadolini)
  • C343-174: Drum of earthquake gives inappropriate message if hero
    or monster is in a pit.

~ by bhaak on 5. February 2012.

14 Responses to “UnNetHack 3.6.1 released – “No More Destruction””

  1. The graphics made just excellent! Thanks for the new release!

    Though there’s some minor shortage – inventory background color.
    Blessed items are not very readable…

    • is there any way to change background color in graphics version?

      • You can edit the line
        OPTIONS=windowcolors:menu white/black message trueblack/#EEEEEE status trueblack/#EEEEEE text white/black
        in defaults.nh.

        If I’m not mistaken, the slightly confusing named entry “menu” should set the background for the inventory window. Try something like “menu white/#777777”.

      • In my case “menu” doesn’t work. I’ve changed “blessed” color to cyan.

      • You can also change “green” to “lightgreen”.

  2. 1 more question: HP bar in graphical virsion – not implemented or I should configure something to see it?

  3. Not implemented, it’s a bug that you see this option in the windows version.

    • sad…
      hope HP bar will appear in some new release
      it was really nice to have it in TTY version

      anyway, unnethack is the best nethack now!

  4. For some reason Norton thinks that unnethackw.exe is malicious… 😦

  5. I shot an arrow while being inside a shop. When I took my arrow back shopkeeper required a payment. Is this intended behavior of the game?

    • Yes, the shopkeepers of the Dungeons of Doom are greedy bastard.

      Note that you will get a message when that happens: “You relinquish an arrow and receive 1 gold piece in compensation.”

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