Why did the Minotaur cross the Elbereth?

Because he wasn’t afraid!

Why aren’t minotaurs affected by scrolls of scare monster or Elbereth?

This behavior was introduced in 3.0.5 for (quoting the link source code):

/* Note: minotaurs must be immune to scare monster
 * to avoid abuse from creating them and taking
 * their wands, then polymorphing 60 or so
 * wands to get wishing...

Obviously that was before wands of wishing couldn’t be obtained by polypiling anymore (this was changed in 3.0.8).

By 3.1.0 this note has been deleted (I don’t know why) but the minotaur has still been ignoring Elbereth until 3.4.3.

Source code archaeology sometimes leads to funny insights. As a consequence in the next version of UnNetHack minotaurs will be afraid again, like every other normal monster.

~ by bhaak on 7. March 2012.

2 Responses to “Why did the Minotaur cross the Elbereth?”

  1. Hello!

    I’ve found a little inaccuracy in message saying “Something is scrawled in blood, “r.” to read” but now in Unnethack it should suggest using “:” to read messages.

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