UnNetHack 4.0.0 released – “Here Be Dragons”

Announcing the 4.0.0 release of UnNetHack.

Source code, Debian package and Windows TTY and GUI executables can be downloaded here:

The default Windows defaults.nh has been improved with better coloring options.

Finally it’s possible to complete the quest even if you angered your Quest leader. Killing him or her will automatically unlock the stairs leading to the lower Quest levels.

This release has dragons a bit as a special focus.

Although it does not yet contain the overhaul of the randomization of dragons, it contains a complete new 4 level branch full of dragons with the exciting possibility of fighting chromatic dragons (generic dragons having most of the features of the Chromatic Dragon called Tiamat) at the end of the branch, thus also to gain chromatic dragon armor which will grant most resistances when worn.

The AC of dragon armor has been significantly reduced. Dragon scales provide now 1 point and dragon scale mails 5 points of AC.

The newly added wax golems, providing candles as death drop, will hopefully fix the candle shortage that plagued many vanilla games.

Misc Changes

  • Uncursed and blessed scrolls of magic mapping reveal secret doors
  • Blessed scrolls of magic mapping reveal objects
  • Dump log: show same information on final dump as wizard mode
  • Minotaurs respect Elbereth
  • Bones level tracking
  • Conduct: Racial armor tracking
  • extra AC point per worn piece of racial armor
  • Reduce occurrences of hint daemon to once per game
  • Automatically identify rings dropped into a sink when message is
  • shown
  • Allow stethoscopes to identify egg types (unless hallucinating) (from SporkHack)
  • Reduce AC of dragon scales to 1 and dragon scale mails to 5
  • Killing your Quest leader opens up the stairs to the lower quest levels (from SporkHack)

new branch

  • the Dragon Caves (from NetHack Brass R/S)

new dungeon features

  • muddy swamp (from NetHack Brass)

added items

  • chromatic dragon scales and scale mail

new monsters

  • chromatic dragons
  • wax golems (providing candles as death drop) (from Slash’Em)

new levels

  • Sokoban levels (from GruntHack)

bug fixes

  • Draw health bar in inverse when color is disabled (reported by Bernard Helyer)
  • Warn atheist player when trying to offering the Amulet of Yendor
  • Workaround for preventing the stairs to Vlad’s tower appearing in the wizard’s tower

build fixes

  • Compilation failed on openSUSE when trying to link with curses but tparm being present in ncurses (reported by Roger Koot)

~ by bhaak on 2. April 2012.

11 Responses to “UnNetHack 4.0.0 released – “Here Be Dragons””

  1. Hail to the dev team!

  2. Keep up the good work man! This variant looks extremely promising.

  3. Hello!

    Just noted: earlier there was untiles32x.bmp tileset but the new version doesn’t have it (and as I can see even doesn’t support). I read different nethack forums and see the that people like mostly classical tileset (at least on russian forums). I personally prefer ascii but when I sometimes run tiles version I’d like to have widely recognizable classical tiles, I hope the dev will integrate it back into newer versions.

    Best regards

    • Yes, the untiles32x.bmp isn’t included as it hasn’t been fixed for the newest version. It will be finished at a later date.

      If you comment out the line with OPTIONS=tile_file:[…], you get vanilla’s 16×16 tiles.

  4. Good day!
    Currently I’m on the level just beneath the Castle (river, graveyard, ghosts). I can’t find a way to descend. Also there’s part of map blocked out with walls. And walls are undiggable… Hint appreciated. I roam for several days in there already )))
    Thanx, Alex.

  5. Not sure if this is a bug of feature: when I get insight (for example by sitting on throne) I don’t get knowledge of things placed in bag, while items not placed in bag are BUC and type are known.

  6. I nearly get the Amulet but Cthulhu seems just unreal to overcome… Enormous horrible killer. I’m dead from just one hit 😦

  7. I suppose killing the quest leader would also get you into the Quest if you’ve converted?

  8. Still my favourite variant.


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