International Roguelike Development Conference 2012

On the weekend from June 1st until the 3rd I was in London and on Saturday and Sunday I was attending the International Roguelike Development Conference 2012.

We had a fun time (it was maybe a bit chilly indoors and outdoors :)) and there were great talks (some will even have an impact of the future direction of UnNetHack) and discussions.

A special thanks goes to Darren Grey who did a fantastic job in preparing and organizing the event.

There is an episode of Roguelike Radio that we recorded live at the end of the first day and a retrospective recording that just went online yesterday. Ulf Åström has put up a short video and writeup about his trip to London and the IRDC.

I gave a talk about my experience of being part of the development team of Junethack, how it came to be, our reasoning of choosing trophies, and some of the problems we had last year during the tournament. I’m not sure how much I bored the people at the IRDC, but at least there were some laughs during my talk (and a really loud gasp when I talked about the start scumming problem we had), so I guess it wasn’t too bad, although I talked longer than intended. There will be videos put online from the event, so you’ll be able to judge by yourself.

The slides of this and the others talks that were held at the IRDC 2012 are already online at The source of my talk is available on GitHub.


~ by bhaak on 19. June 2012.

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