UnNetHack 2012 Christmas Edition

It’s Christmas season again and UnNetHack’s public server has a little present for you.

In addition to the Advent Calendar level there’s a new branch incorporated into the code base: the Sheol branch. It is designed by one of the best NetHack players for having a challenging branch, so don’t go there unless you feel prepared.

Although for the time being you have to visit the first levels of Sheol to find the stairs to Vlad’s tower but this will change in the future.

Oh and if you’ve never been there, try to find the Dragon Caves in Gehennom, there is also some nice loot to be found there.

a Sheol level in utf-8

~ by bhaak on 5. December 2012.

One Response to “UnNetHack 2012 Christmas Edition”

  1. Happy new Year!
    Is it possible to compile Unnethack for android?
    Or maybe for DOS to run emulated?

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