UnNetHack 5 – “Doing Releases like a pro” released!

Announcing the release of UnNetHack 5.

Source code, Debian package and Windows TTY and GUI executables can be downloaded here:

This is a major release, more than one and a half years in the making and therefore has an awful lot of changes and new features. So here is only a summary, the (mostly) complete ChangeLog is in the download packages or can be read on-line at https://sourceforge.net/p/unnethack/code/HEAD/tree/tags/5.1.0-20131208/ChangeLog

The last release was originally planned to be released after the end of this year’s Junethack but this deadline was missed and then the amount of commits skyrocketed. This was also due to the increase of UnNetHack’s DevTeam. We are now more than ever and are not going away and stop doing releases.

Two new branches have been added: The winter-themed “Sheol”, filled with tons of new, strange monster and dangers and the orc-infested “Ruins of Moria”.

Some first attempts at increased role and race differentiation has been incorporated in this version:

  • Tourists get automatic type identification for shop items
  • Healers can see how wounded monsters are
  • Knights get a weight bonus for body armor heavier than studded leather armor
  • Archeologists can enchant fedoras to +7
  • Elven/vampiric players do not regenerate health while touching iron/silver with bare skin (respectively)

Several long standing annoyances have been approached:

  • Sokoban luck penalty has been removed and instead tracking of solving Sokoban without any tricks has been added
  • The Quest turn limit has been removed
  • The probability of the Fort Ludios portal was increased; it exists now in around 93% of the games
  • Only the Sanctum and the Astral Plane are unmappable levels
  • New paranoid options have been added, asking for confirmation when walking into known lava and water squares
  • The Valley of the Dead features several portals leading to Vlad, the Dragon Caves, and Sheol, making navigating Gehennom less tedious
  • Dragons auto-ID after observing breath attacks or after being probed

New conducts:

  • Permanent hallucination conduct option: perma_hallu
  • Disable death drops conduct option: deathdropless
  • Disable Elbereth conduct option: elberethignore
  • A new menu for choosing conducts at the beginning of the game (currently only TTY)

And of course lots of bug fixes.

Happy Hacking!

~ by bhaak on 2. January 2014.

16 Responses to “UnNetHack 5 – “Doing Releases like a pro” released!”

  1. How about adding borders to corridors? Am I the only one bugged by this?

    • There’s a whole different roguelike tradition with Angband that has borders on corridors, so, no, you are not alone. 🙂

      As already explained by ais523 in RGRN, this is currently not possible but I think because of related changes in the future, it should be possible to differentiate between unexplored squares and explored squares that are walls.

  2. Good news! Many thanks to the Dev.
    Is v5 going to be ported to Android?

  3. I’ve bashed together a new version of my tileset for this release, but it’ll need some testing before it’s ready to go public.

  4. You should check those tiles:

  5. Great update! One comment – The Executioner would be a lot more scary if he’d attacked with the Cleaver he had, but instead kept zapping me with a wand of striking. Maybe make sure he’s never generated with wands??

  6. Update: I’ve got a working version of my tileset up on my site:
    ..though it will be tweaked as I get further into the game.

  7. Further update: I’ve officially posted the more-or-less final version of my set at the address listed above. Made some other changes besides adding all the new critters.

  8. Not all icons of item in inventory are displayed correctly. Might need to fix it.

  9. …windows version

  10. Any chance of ever getting this hosted on NAO? They used to do variants back in the day

    • To my knowledge, this is not planned… but was at least shortly discussed in the past iirc. It seems the demand for an US unnethack server is high especially after us.un.nethack.nu went down some years ago. Maybe volunteers can be found that want to host it on a north american server 🙂

  11. Are there any pre compiled versions with the dawnhack tiles that also fix the inventory icons not displaying correctly?

    • Not yet. This is planned for the next maintenance release with version 5.1.1. Probably some time after June after the Junethack tournament.

  12. is there anyway to make like.. a bigger health display… i always try to be carefull but it takes like a few seconds for me to process how much health i have everytime, would be nice with a health bar or similar.. or am i missing somheting?

    • Not for the Win32 GUI version. I’m not that often on Windows these days, so it’s a bit neglected at the moment. But if anybody wants to enhance it, feel free to send patches.

      All the other versions, including the Windows Console version, have the hitpointbar option which is already on by default.

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