Junethack 2014 – Post Mortem

This is the post-mortem for Junethack 2014.

The Junethack site was broken on the opening day because of a stupid last minute hotfix. The developer responsible for this has been punished with writing a PHP project not under 10000 lines of code.

The addition of dNetHack one week after the start was easy to do, also because of the developer being very cooperative and forthcoming.

In the UnNetHack and NetHack4 forks several bugs were found and fixed. AceHack and GruntHack were used this year for extensive unique death message generation.

Clan overcaffeinated and demilichens fought hard over the “unique death” clan trophy. In the end, it was a close call for demilichens to win in that category and also overall, as clan Justice was really close on their heels for the clan competition win.

We don’t offer any means of communicating between users on the site itself and this is intentional. We want them to self-organize and this year this went as far that clan overcaffeinatede and demilichens reached a mutual agreement not exploit some easily achievable but highly boring to do deaths for the “unique death” clan trophy.

Members of both clans wrote up their impressions on the tournament and gave some suggestions on how to improve the unique death trophy. This will certainly have an impact on how the unique death normalization will look like next year.

Another piece of feedback by a player can be read here:
And now for the boring statistics part:

195 players registered on the server, 146 linked their account with the public servers, and 119 actually played at least one game (last year: 157, 134, and 118).

6416 games were played on all 9 public servers during the tournament by registered users, 12323 were played by all players including those not taking part in the tournament (last year: 5210, 10, and 12313).

14627 games (including games by not registered players) fell into our start scum filter. This is lower than last year (20855) and much lower than the all-time high of 171760 from 2012.

50 different players ascended a total of 154 games (last year: 60 and 173).

Tournament games by variant (numbers from 2013 in brackets):

NetHack 3.4.3: 2111 (2849)
SporkHack: 164 (134)
UnNetHack: 811 (975)
AceHack: 1298 (520)
GruntHack: 1411 (574)
NetHack4: 111 (158)
DNetHack: 221 (-)
NetHack 1.3d: 289 (-)

Detailed info can be found on these three pages:

There are some minor improvements coming up for the next tournament. This year has shown again that the clan management code is in serious need of a refactoring, the user home page has too much information available elsewhere and some of the other pages have become so long that they are hard to navigate. Hopefully we’ll have good solutions for these problems by next year.

Thanks for playing, see you next year!

~ by bhaak on 27. August 2014.

One Response to “Junethack 2014 – Post Mortem”

  1. Thanks for this bhaak. What steps would we take towards those goals? I feel like we need a content overhaul but maybe there’s a more achievable way.

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