UnNetHack 5.2.0 – “Happy New Year” released!

Announcing the release of UnNetHack 5.2.0.

Source code and Windows TTY and GUI executables can be downloaded here:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/unnethack/files/unnethack/5.2.0/. Homebrew for OSX has also already been updated.

This is a release that brings the released version up to speed with the version that is already deployed at public servers. It is not bones and saves compatible with the previously released version 5.1.0.

The (mostly) complete ChangeLog is in the download packages or can be read online at https://github.com/UnNetHack/UnNetHack/blob/5.2.x/ChangeLog

Besides lots of bugfixes, some of the more notable changes include:

Reproducible dungeon layout. Set OPTIONS=seed:number to get the same dungeon layout for new games. The seed number is noted in the dumplog.

item changes:

  • Decreased weight of all mithril armor, especially ones of elven make
  • Wand wresting happens always when an empty wand is zapped with a chance depending on BUC state if an effect is produced
  • Putting blessed and uncursed scrolls of charging into a bag of tricks charges it
  • Picking up scrolls of scare monsters change BUC from blessed to uncursed to cursed
  • Picked up scrolls of scare monsters only turn to dust if they are cursed

user interface improvements:

  • Automatically identify scrolls of scare monster during pickup when turning to dust or changing known BUC state
  • Don’t autopickup unpaid items
  • Change default of shopkeeper sell prompt to ‘n’
  • Added naming last broken object to #name menu
  • Added stone, strangled, levitation, flying, and riding indicators to the status line
  • Status indicators on third status line if the terminal is high enough (example with every indicator turned on)
  • Pressing > or < autotravels to the stairs if not already on the right kind of stairs
  • customizable colors:


Happy Hacking!

~ by bhaak on 1. January 2019.

5 Responses to “UnNetHack 5.2.0 – “Happy New Year” released!”

  1. I’m curious, hardfought says it’s running Unnethack 5.3.2, how does that tally with 5.2.0?

    • “This is a release that brings the released version up to speed with the version that is already deployed at public servers.”

      Hardfought is running the development version. 5.2.0 is functionally equivalent to the 5.3.1 version. 5.3.2 has a few more commits already.

  2. unchozo32b.bmp fails

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