Junethack 2021 – the 11th NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament

The elventh installment of the annual NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament called Junethack will start at midnight UTC and will be running until June 30 midnight UTC.

This tournament is trying to appeal not only to the hardcore serial ascenders but also to players that get constantly mangled and beaten to death in unrealistic brutal situations by this sadistic game (that means probably you) by offering various non-winning achievements and encouraging people to try and play NetHack forks. In other words, if you suck at playing NetHack, this is the tournament for you!

For once, there is no new NetHack fork in the tournament (you weren’t ascending most of them anyway). Nevertheless, there are 19 different variants of NetHack to play and get achievements and trophies in.

Also consider joining a clan. Playing with others is great fun and the clan trophies are designed such that a clan member cannot have a negative impact on a clan’s standing.

You can get in contact with the organizers of Junethack here, on reddit, on rec.games.roguelike.nethack, and in the #junethack IRC channel on the Libera.Chat IRC network. There’s also a dedicated discord channel #nethack-junethack on the Roguelikes discord channel which is synced with the IRC channel.

There’s a FAQ on the NetHack wiki.

If you want to help out in the development of the tournament, you can check out our code from GitHub.

Register at the tournament homepage and start venturing into the Dungeons of Doom!

~ by bhaak on 31. May 2021.

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