Still alive

•21. May 2013 • 1 Comment

I have been asked by email what’s happening with UnNetHack and if  its development has stalled as did with NetHack or its other Forks.

This absolutely did not happen. It’s true that the last official release has been more than a year ago but you can see on this page that there has been lots of development going on since then.

The planned road map to the next release is as follows:

Next month, the Junethack tournament will be held for the third time and for UnNetHack the release candidate for the next major version will be installed on the public server for playing in this tournament.

After June, there will be a release of UnNetHack so all off line players will finally be able to enjoy the new features and dungeon branches that have been brewing for a year.


Fixed tileset for UnNetHack 4.0.0

•14. March 2013 • 1 Comment

There was a missing tile (“muddy swamp”) in the bundled tileset for UnNetHack 4.0.0.

You can now download the fixed tileset from Sourceforge.

Roguelike Radio Episode 64: Player competitions

•9. March 2013 • Leave a Comment

I have been a guest on the Roguelike Radio Episode 64 on player competitions on tournaments. The discussed topics included the monthly Angband competitionthe weekend Brogue competition, the Junethack and /dev/null Nethack tournaments, the biannual Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup tournament and the ADOM “Weakest Link” competition.

Extending the show notes on the Roguelike Radio site for NetHack-related links:

Junethack links:

/dev/null links:

Various crazy NetHack ascensions:

CRE199: German podcast episode on NetHack

•12. January 2013 • 1 Comment

The well-known German podcast CRE has done an episode about NetHack.

Although they don’t mention UnNetHack, the Junethack tournament or my German translation NetHack-De, it’s a fun episode and worth listening to it if you understand German.

Results for Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2012

•3. January 2013 • 2 Comments

Tales of Maj’Eyal (ToME4) has again won the Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year contest.

On RogueTemple, regular commenter Joseph has done some analysis of the poll results.

Of course, with 37 votes for UnNetHack and 33 for NetHack-De, both games have taken top spots in various categories:  “Hacklikes” and “Top fork”.

Also checkout the Roguelike Radio podcast episode 57 discussing the contest.

Thanks for everbody voting.

UnNetHack 2012 Christmas Edition

•5. December 2012 • 1 Comment

It’s Christmas season again and UnNetHack’s public server has a little present for you.

In addition to the Advent Calendar level there’s a new branch incorporated into the code base: the Sheol branch. It is designed by one of the best NetHack players for having a challenging branch, so don’t go there unless you feel prepared.

Although for the time being you have to visit the first levels of Sheol to find the stairs to Vlad’s tower but this will change in the future.

Oh and if you’ve never been there, try to find the Dragon Caves in Gehennom, there is also some nice loot to be found there.

a Sheol level in utf-8

Junethack 2012 – Post Mortem

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Right in time before the next NetHack tournament starts, here is the
post mortem for this year’s Junethack tournament.

Overall, it’s been a rather smooth experience (at least for us devs, I don’t know how the players felt :)), fixing some bugs before the tournament, fixing some bugs that only appeared during the tournament, adding new stuff and getting ideas for improvements.

We got this for the first time ever a winner of the “King of the
world” cross-variant trophy. stth managed in ascending in all
variants (with a total of only 20 played games):

On the last day of Junethack, some frantic ascension action
took place. Clan ItExplodes had parked several ascension-ready
characters on different public servers which they ascended in short
succession in the final hours of Junethack to take the lead in the
clan ranking. In the end they took first place for “Most points” and
“Most ascensions in a 24 hour period” but it wasn’t enough to be the
top clan.

Berry also managed to pull off an ascension with a 64-bit MAX_INT score.

Some boring statistics:

152 people registered on the server, 115 linked their account with the
public servers, and 103 actually played at least one game (last
year: 337, 197, and 161).

4303 games were played on all 8 public servers during the tournament
by registered users, 12222 were played by all players including those
not taking part in the tournament (last year: 7445 and 18079).

42 different players ascended 182 games (last year: 49 and 172)

Tournament games by variant (last year’s numbers in brackets):

NetHack 3.4.3: 2319 (5672)
SporkHack: 152   (358)
UnNetHack: 914   (419)
AceHack: 489   (727)
GruntHack: 285
NetHack4: 144

Detailed info can be found on these 3 pages:

We had 171760 start scummed games (~50’000 more than last year) but
the start scumming protection we added last year worked so well, there
was no noticeable impact by this large number of start scummed games.

There are already some changes we know about for Junethack’s
installment in 2013.

The website will get a mobile version for better viewing on your
mobile devices.

With the addition of GruntHack and NetHack4 this year, the
cross-variant trophies got harder to get. We will feature next year
additional trophies for getting achievements if you’ve played in half
of the participating variants.

Thanks for playing, see you next year!